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The Art of Flexible Dieting eBook

The Art of Flexible Dieting eBook


This 40-page ebook is all about flexible dieting, but I am presenting it in a very different, thought-provoking way that provides value to absolutely anyone! It includes info on the basics of counting macros (including how to track alcohol into your macros) but it also encourages you to reflect on your individual approach and provide a foundation of core principles to help you apply the concept of flexible dieting in a way that actually works for you in a sustainable fashion.

My inspiration comes from several principles of military strategy and tactics from Sun Tzu's The Art of War - which I have interpreted into a new, unique set of core principles. 

A quality system or approach applied without proper context will inevitably malfunction at one point or another.

Without context, even the most brilliant concept will never  fully mature or bloom.

My hope is that the Art of Flexible Dieting core principles will inspire you to review and reflect on the functionality and strategies of your current plan. Sometimes your breakthrough with progress is found in the revision!

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