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The Lifestyle Program includes workout + nutrition online coaching that is designed for you. 
I'm on a mission in this lifetime to help as many people as possible understand that the only sustainable type of workout/nutrition program is the one YOU can maintain with minor changes over time that does not dramatically decrease your quality of life.
Whether your goals are to lose body fat, gain muscle, and/or get conditioned to pass a PT have come to the right place!

There are two main options within The Lifestyle Program depending on what your personal needs are:

  • The Essentials

  • The Experience

I will break down how customizable these options are after you submit your enrollment request!

  • custom macronutrient plan (adjusted as needed)

  • coaching/resources on how to track your macros

  • how to travel/eat at restaurants and remain 100% on track with your nutrition

  • learn the secret on how to lose body fat and actually keep it off while still enjoying your life

  • sample meal plan with food prep ideas

  • vitamin/supplement recommendations 

  • resistance training program designed for your specific goals

  • video and voice memo coaching feedback on form and intensity for different exercises as needed (aka eliminate the question of "am I even doing this exercise right?"

  • custom cardio regimen

  • specific cardio workout recommendations based on your fitness level and goals

  • ab/core workouts

  • initial phone call consultation (specific goal setting, expectations, identify your weaknesses with mental toughness/self-discipline/mindset, and devise a plan to strengthen those weaknesses as much as possible)

  • bi-weekly phone calls for 1:1 mindset coaching on topics such as overcoming fears, self-belief, confidence, and commitment 

  • weekly checkins via email to track progress and maintain accountability

  • 24/7 text message access for quick responses and coaching support

  • invite to join my exclusive, clients-only Facebook group (community support from other participants, access to exclusive Q&A Live videos with me, exercise demonstrations, meal/recipe ideas, motivation, and more...

  • all aspects of your program will be adjusted as needed to ensure continued progress based on our set goals and timeline

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